Video Pro X5 vs MAGIX Movie Edit Pro 2013 plus

Crystal wrote on 2/18/2013, 9:23 AM

Today I realized that MAGIX have also Movie edit pro 2013 plus[as I was "surfing" through steam] but I know only about Video pro x5. Whats the difference between them? They look similliar and have similliar descriptions but I cant see any comparsion. Recently I was using Video pro x5. Will I get any benfeit or drop by using movie edit pro 2013 plus? Also, can I open project files created in Video pro x5 with Movie edit pro 2013?


cpc000cpc wrote on 2/18/2013, 3:54 PM


Pro has features not available in MEP 2013 including two preview windows, more source tracks available when doing multi-cam editing and the ability to export an edit decision list which makes it better match with Samplitude, Magix's pro audio platform. For more detailed comparison you'll probably need to get the feature lists from the two web pages. You can of course download tree trial versions and make you own comparisons.

On a personal note I've had VPX 2.5 since its release but feel that MEP meets my needs. The latest version 2013 has features that were first introduced in VPX 1. If you decide on MEP make sure you get at least the 'Plus' version. 'Premium has add on programs which some find very useful.



emmrecs wrote on 2/19/2013, 10:24 AM

Just to add a little to what Carl has told you..

I have successfully moved projects between VPX4 and MEP MX Premium so I see no reason why you should not be able to similarly transfer them between VPX5 and MEP Pro 2013.

Having just installed VPX5 I have to say one absolutely brilliant addition over VPX4 and MEP, and which I remember asking the developer(s) to include some time ago, is the ability to run the latest version of NeatVideo plug-in, which I have found quite superb (with careful use and set-up!!) for removing video "noise".  Previously, if I wanted to use this plug-in, footage had to be opened in VirtualDub, processed and then reimported to VPX, quite time-consuming.

Although VPX4 and earlier and MEP can run certain VDub plug-ins, the latest version of NeatVideo was not one of them.  When dealing with AVCHD footage shot at night under very low light, the inevitable noise was pretty unpleasant to view.  Unfortunately, because it was footage in .mts format, without first rendering it to something that VDub would read/play (and hence risking losing some quality) I was forced to run NeatVideo version 2.2 in VPX.  Now the opportunity to run the latest version (3.3) natively in VPX5 is a real bonus for me.

Well done MAGIX!


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