Vinyl Audio input levels displyed on the various GUI's available.

Durn wrote on 7/25/2020, 8:21 AM

Noted a mismatch in the displayed audio levels shown on the main
GUI of Audio & Music Lab Premium ( compared to the alternative
GUI obtained via the “settings tab”, Record, Audio Input where the “Input and Level Automation” window is

 If the recorded level is set to just below clipping on this alternative window, the Main GUI level display bars shows the audio level being much too high. However, if the record audio level is set as seems to be the suggest route via the main GUI, to below 0db with no “recording to loud warning” the Alternative GUI suggests that
the record level is much too low.  The final produced WAV file obtained using the Main GUI does give low audio output levels when played via a range of audio devices.

Comments would be gladly accepted as to why there seems to be a difference and which GUI
should I use to set the record level when copying vinyl.



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