Vita Sampler crash in 2020 edition

nothingbuterrors wrote on 9/30/2019, 2:44 AM

I never got the chance to use the Vita Sampler in 2019 edition, so I am unsure if this was in effect in that version, but I have encountered yet another bug.

2017 edition, which I used prior to the fatal MIDI bug that still renders it unusable (great job, magix), did not possess this bug.

As far as I can tell, a crash is triggered whenever I attempt to edit the sample slices via the handles on the side of them. This seems to be the only time it triggers a crash, as otherwise I can do all the editing (reversing, toggling looping, moving them without using the handles, etc). Full audio glitch-freeze and program shutdown.

(This may be related or it may have been a crash brought on by too much load on the program, but Vita Sampler also crashed my program earlier when I had not done any editing to the sample slices given me, just by virtue of me playing with the sample slices in the piano roll.)