Volume Issue

Rob-Sullivan wrote on 11/4/2022, 7:51 AM

Hi, I've been experiencing some issues with volume levels and wondering if anyone can provide any insight.

I'm creating a track in Samplitude Pro X7 and mastering it for export. Everything sounds fine within Samplitude but when I play the exported wav in any other software, it's a much lower volume. (ie.Soundforge,  Windows Media Player, Groove Music, FileViewer, Edge etc)

If I import and play the same wav in Samplitude, it's the same volume as when I created it. I've also tried importing other wavs and mp3s and found the same problem, so the export isn't the issue. It's like Samplitude is amplifying the volume where any other software isn't.

In short, can anyone think of a reason/setting why Samplitude would be playing louder than anything else?



SP. wrote on 11/4/2022, 8:00 AM

@Rob-Sullivan Which audio driver are you using in Samplitude and which audio driver are you using in Sound Forge? The same?

Do you have some audio "optimization" in your Windows audio settings enabled?

Rob-Sullivan wrote on 11/4/2022, 9:34 AM

Thanks for your response, it does look like it's audio driver related.

My Samplitude is using Magix Low Latency 2016 (MLL). Soundforge was using Microsoft Sound Mapper. Switching Soundforge to MLL, I get the same volume levels. 

Regarding all the other software, like Edge etc. I'm assuming they are also using different audio drivers. Instead of changing all software to use MLL, should I instead be looking to lower the volume from MLL? ie. Is the volume difference between the two different drivers expected or should they be fairly close?

SP. wrote on 11/4/2022, 6:45 PM

@Rob-Sullivan It should be identical. If your computer has a Realtek Audio Chipset please check for Realtek HD Audio Manager. Maybe there is some setting switched on that lowers the volume.

Rob-Sullivan wrote on 11/5/2022, 4:11 AM

Thanks, I've now tracked down the source of the problem, it's my own bad memory. :)

I had installed some EqualizerAPO software last year which, at the time, seemed fine. However, because I'd recently upgraded to X7, I'm guessing the MLL audio driver was reinstalled and was bypassing the equaliser or something.

Turning off the equaliser returns my volume levels for each audio driver to match.