VST Libraries

Jon-Marinella wrote on 4/21/2023, 1:15 PM

Maybe we can share VST information strategically.
I have just installed Native Instruments with Komplete Kontrol.
Native Instruments built the first commercial synths and sequencers for Windows PC's as I understand it and was always the best of the best when I stayed current with the technology 20 years ago.
It's a task getting everything installed but I will report back on it.

I am looking for a distortion effect VST after the ones in Magix and MeldaProductions are too harsh. I'm trying to get a good and clean square wave for horns, harmonics, accordion etc. The amps are too harsh and couple pedals get it close but it's still to harsh and filthy so I need something like a rack effects VST that has broad distortion characteristics that will let me get ahold of distortion texture.


SP. wrote on 4/21/2023, 2:47 PM

@Jon-Marinella Have you tried a low pass filter to reduce the harshness?

johnebaker wrote on 4/22/2023, 3:05 AM



. . . . . a distortion effect VST . . . a hard clipped tube amp at full saturation . . . .

Try Amplitube or similar VST?

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emmrecs wrote on 4/24/2023, 3:55 AM


Have you made sure that the path to the NI VSTis is listed under Program Settings>Folders>Add VST plug-in path...? You can have several different directories listed on the screen that opens when you click that button.

This is a screenshot of mine (showing a number of default and personally-selected locations for VSTs and VSTis on my computer).


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Jon-Marinella wrote on 4/27/2023, 1:58 PM

Is anyone aware of a good harmonica VST?
What I have found so far has been awful but I've had great ones in the very distant past.

SP. wrote on 4/27/2023, 2:34 PM

@Jon-Marinella This is basically all you can get as a VST: https://www.musicindustryhowto.com/harmonica-vst-plugins/


Jon-Marinella wrote on 5/2/2023, 3:21 PM

DSK Dynamic Guitars A very good soloing dreadnaught guitar as the "steel string" with an excellent nylon simulation and a 3rd I have no good things to say about. These can handle wild arpeggios and still sound real. Magix cannot even once the synth is adjusted; outside default it loses all credibility.
Flamenco, classical and dreadnaught shred acoustics.

That site and DSK has a significant amount of good and free VST(I) devices and instruments. I am not sharing DSK Akoustik Guitarz because I found it to be dreadful compared to Magix's included folk guitar.
I think the thread is directed at primarily for free products.

CarlArnold wrote on 5/5/2023, 4:30 PM

You should check FabFilter Saturn 2 which is a high-quality distortion and saturation plugin that offers a wide range of distortion types, from subtle saturation to extreme fuzz. It has a clean and intuitive interface that makes it easy to dial in the perfect sound.

Jon-Marinella wrote on 5/17/2023, 9:39 PM

Spitfire Audio BBC Symphony Orchestra
It is exactly what it says and the GUI is both brilliant and simple. It's worth creating a count for the free install.

You easily click sections and fiddle with a limited but adequate amount of controls.
The instrument quality is great for some, good for others and a slight struggle for a couple; this is typical with free.
Some effects and it's genuinely passable as a real life orchestra, but I will need to layer in single instrument VST's like trumpet, tuba et cetera blended into that section as well as for solos.

When you turn off reverb, there is still some default reverb for some legato even in the staccato mode. This will leave some needs sourced to other VST's, but as the core of the composition's needs, it's perfectly acceptable.

Jon-Marinella wrote on 5/17/2023, 9:55 PM

A 4 piece brass section. This really performs and like other VST-I's they have produced, it has a very elaborate spectrum of controls.
Stock patches are usable but abysmal compared to what the controls can refine them too, aside from post rack processing.
With these free VST-I's, there's some work involved to use them for Motown sounds commonly used in hip hop, but for a convincing orchestra, not much tinkering is needed.


Jon-Marinella wrote on 5/17/2023, 10:04 PM

Phenomenal trumpet laboratory that leaves no slot for the rack effects to fill. It even has drive for overdriven trumpet, does that section, and will layer in perfect with another track also running a full brass section.
This lets you lay it on reeeeeally thick like someone looks like a puffer fish and is cranking their heart out into every note.
It can adequately cover every genre.

Jon-Marinella wrote on 5/20/2023, 10:12 PM

MPC Beats This Plugin DAW operates independently, but far more importantly, as a VST in it's DAW form. This is the ultimate plugin for beats and other sequencing desires for absolutely everyone. After seeing this in my VST list and loading it, I am still in a state of great excitement and many of you understand why; I guess it pays to read an apps literature.

MPC Beats is a DAW based on the app representing a physical piece of hardware, in this case a drum machine with multitrack recorder, and an embedded computer system running it all. This is similar to what exists IRL, or the more commonly known piano-synths or multitrack portable recorders.

I had the app previously on a different workstation, but only just reinstalled it on the new.
The abilities of MPC Beats as a plugin are altogether fantastical and beyond 90% of what I may ever use it for, but the lack of a top notch drum VST-I that's free is a catastrophe, but MPC Beats as this plugin is exponentially better than anything you could pay for. Not for a thousand bucks is there better.