VST Plug-In Path

JoeSchmoe wrote on 4/30/2019, 3:20 AM

I was editing my plug-in path in Acid Pro 8 and I've run into an issue. Somewhere along the line I screwed up royally and Acid is hanging on the scanning VST plugins path on launch. It's continually saying 0% and will hang until I use the task manager to force quit it. (I waited several hours to let it "fix" itself.) A re-install has not fixed the issue. AND telling it to skip plugins after 10 seconds is not working either. I'm pretty sure that if I'm able to pull out the path, things will go back to normal. Yes, it did work before.

Am I able to remove that line out of the path? If so, where can I find this file? (sorry, been a mac user for 8 plus years switching back to a pc ) I'm a little behind the times on Windows :( I've seen posts about HKEY and junk but I don't know where to look. . .