VST Plugin problem with Music Maker - duplicates!

NoTurning wrote on 7/2/2008, 10:22 PM

Here is my problem. I'm using Music Maker 11 and I've been adding VST plugins. Well I've also been using Cubase and using VST plugins so I decided to consolidate all my plugins to a single location and point the programs there.

The problem is that after I pointed Magix to the new plugin folder it remembers the original plugins too, even though they are no longer there. Now I have the same plugins listed twice in the VST menu in Music Maker.

How do I remove VST plugins from Music Maker?



ralftaro wrote on 7/3/2008, 8:25 AM
Here's what you can do: Find the "VstPlugins.ini" file in the program/installation directory of your Music Maker 11 (so e.g. "C:\MAGIX\mm11_deLuxe"). Delete that file in order to reset the VST entries in Music Maker. Now, start up Music Maker again and point it to the new directory with your VST plugins. It will re-scan the plugins and everything should be fine now.

I hope this helps.