Waves VST shell v12.6 fails to load - is this expected?

krzemien wrote on 1/15/2021, 9:38 AM


As per the subject line: Waves VST shell v12.6 fails to load, either on startup or whilst refreshing all plug-ins.

WaveShell1-VST3 12.6_x64.vst3

I can see there's another similar file in the same folder (C:\Program Files\Common Files\VST3) - WaveShell1-VST3 12.4_x64.vst3 - which (I assume) loads correctly and I also seem to see all available plug-ins from Waves Diamond v12 bundle that I own.

So, is this expected? Any ideas what to check to have safe peace of mind?

I am asking this question here as I had to faff a bit with similar problem with some older VST plug-ins upon installing Sound Forge for the first time, but then it somehow started to load & work once I tinkled with Registry a bit.


rraud wrote on 1/15/2021, 11:18 AM

SF is known to have issues with Waves plug-ins on SF (or visa-versa) Especially the latest WaveShell version. Try an earlier version.

btw, welcome to the Magix Sound Forge users forum @krzemien .

krzemien wrote on 1/15/2021, 12:01 PM

Thanks for responding and warm welcome!

Yes, I gather there might be something to it, but equally: is this something that I should worry about? Can't really see an impact - but perhaps I'm missing something obvious...

I do not believe I can use earlier version as I literally purchased these not very long time ago.

(Might actually raise it with Waves as well for completeness.)


krzemien wrote on 1/21/2021, 2:24 PM

...so just to follow up and conclude here: I eventually engaged with rather indifferent Waves Support Team who advised upfront that SF Pro 14 is not really supported - doh!

However I established by faffing here and there that both WaveShell1-VST3 12.4 (working) and WaveShell1-VST3 12.6 files (problematic) are non-essential and seems to be WaveShells installed for some freebie Waves plug-ins: StudioRack etc. that I may inadvertently have installed at the same time I was obtaining Waves Diamond v12.

Once they have been nuked - and it's interesting that in order to achieve it one must remove the whole set and get it reinstalled, doh! - both files are gone and what remains is WaveShell2-VST3 12.0_x64 set of files which are all that's needed for Diamond bundle to work. And it does seem to work correctly with SF 14 Pro, so am not sure why Waves Support Team is so much hesitant about it?

In either case I trust somebody finds this information helpful.