Website not publishing

Cassandra-Negri wrote on 7/11/2018, 6:10 PM

I purchased the Xara WebDesigner Premium this week and built my website. I am trying to publish it to another web host. I followed the instructions and contacted my web host company to make sure I had the correct info to put in. I am still getting an "FTP error: Cannot connect to server".

Any help will be greatly appreciated.


johnebaker wrote on 7/12/2018, 4:34 AM



. . . . getting an "FTP error: Cannot connect to server". . . . .

Check that you are getting a valid connection as follows:

  • Open a Windows Explorer
  • In the Address box type in the ftp address you have been given eg
  • Enter your FTP username and password in the dialog that appears see images below

If you can connect then you should see your web site files/folders as shown below

If you can connect then either your firewall is blocking access for WD Pro or the FTP settings are not correct in WD Pro.

If you cannot connect you may get :

  1. a message saying it cannot connect to the server before the username/password box appears - in which case the FTP address is not correct or the server is down
  2. the username/password dialog reappears asking for the username and password again - in which case the username or password is incorrect.


John EB