What is going on

Peter-Wilkinson wrote on 9/6/2020, 6:11 AM

I updated my MM2020 to MM2021 and now its virtually un useable, the sound quality is shocking, constantly crashes and closes without warning, I have a full soundpool account for all the soundpools yet everytime I start MM2021 i have to download all my soundpools again..............what is happening, it is now the worst software I have bought


Peter-Wilkinson wrote on 9/6/2020, 6:48 AM

Now it only allows me to add one loop and nothing else, anyone else having this issue


Peter-Wilkinson wrote on 9/6/2020, 6:52 AM

My laptop is ok, 10th gen i7 16gb ram 2x500gb ssd nvidia graphics M-AUDIO 192/4 AIR BX8D2carbon..............so what can the problem be?