What the difference between acid pro 10 and Acid Music Studio 11

de-b wrote on 3/7/2020, 2:20 AM

The product looks Identical, but the price isn't and I know there is also acid 365 which is a month to month version. I only produce drums in acid and for this it seems to me the best version would be the music studio 11.

Can somebody enlighten me about this? Thanks in advance


Maxtheschu wrote on 3/7/2020, 3:04 PM

Hi, if you're just doing drums go with the studio version 11.

DannyNYC wrote on 6/5/2020, 2:45 PM

Probably about $50. Sorry, just kidding. I have no idea. The naming conventions Acid has fallen into leave me totally confused.

Former user wrote on 6/7/2020, 12:30 AM

Here's the version comparison.



One is a bit more stable than the other. Flip a coin and hope that the one you picked, will never crash.

Yellandkeil wrote on 6/8/2020, 2:18 AM

@Former user at the very beginning of ACID pro 8 it's not stable, but now to ACID Pro 10 I find it extreme reliable. I also don't agree with your statement the Melodyne being a garbage.

Perhaps you can do such a try:

Yellandkeil wrote on 6/8/2020, 3:56 AM

I'm sorry I misunderstood you:

Carlos, I don't remember who else I was answering this to but ya, Melodyne was a useless addition as it simply doesn't work. It may have worked for some but for most, it doesn't. I have another music producer friend who I convinced getting Acid Pro as he left it back in 05 for another DAW and now I regret it. Melodyne doesn't work for him either. Never worked for me. I have been noticing that instead of fixing the DAW for it's original problems, Magix is just adding features that are senseless. Auto loading of a sample when double clicked from explorer? Kidding? who would find that useful? Acid Pro was one DAW that didn't do that and now it does! Useless!

I love Acid Pro and had high hopes until recently, I have given up. I continued to pay from version 8, 9 and now 10. Unable to use the entire DAW.

You are not alone. We are all in the same club of "upgrader's remorse".

emmrecs wrote on 6/8/2020, 4:22 AM

@Former user

You will see I have edited your most recent post above. To describe another poster's language as "Martian" is potentially offensive and so has been removed.

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