NoTurning wrote on 11/3/2008, 8:40 AM
This is strange behaviour... perhaps a bit more detail will help.
Are you dragging a Soundpool sample into the arranger and it will not
play the entire sample? Does the arrangement continue to play?

I presume your start and end markers a set accordingly.
ralftaro wrote on 11/4/2008, 12:06 PM
Hi there,

This might be a problem related to the indexing of the soundpool samples in the internal database, which the program is using for this purpose. Essentially, the start/end times for the sample might be messed up in the database, while the actual physical audio file on the disc is perfectly fine. Try the following: Go into the program settings (e.g. by pressing "Y" on the keyboard). Reset the soundpool database completely by using the appropriate button in the settings dialogue. Now go back into the program's main screen and use the import ("add styles") function in the "Soundpools" section to re-import/index the soundpool directories in question. This should take care of the problem. If you're using some kind of additional soundpool disc, I recommend copying the files to your hard drive before you import/index them.

I hope this helps.