When the new version is to be released?

Petr-Prikryl wrote on 6/21/2023, 5:04 AM


Based on your information from the half of February (see the Ticket# removed by Moderator), I have paid the "Renew Update Service" for the next year at March 1st. However, the promised new version of Photo & Graphic Designer 20 was not released in April 2023 (as you replied).

Is there any problem with the update? Do you still cooperate with Xara?

Best regards,

Petr Přikryl



SP. wrote on 6/21/2023, 6:00 AM

@Petr-Prikryl There was some talk that the cooperation with Xara has ended.



It's possible that Xara is not longer interested to sell perpetual licenses but only subscriptions and their browser based editing system. I think that Magix would still offer updates if Xara would still provide them.