Where are my synth instruments? And why is my exported song all messed up?

kameira6 wrote on 12/18/2008, 5:58 PM
Okay I am a complete newbie at this and I need a lot of help because I have no idea what I'm doing, and for the life of me I can not figure this out. Not even the help file can save me. Not even Google.

First of all, I've got my Music Maker 14 here, and I was looking through the video tutorial, and it got to the part addressing midis when I noticed the list of synthesizer instruments (or whatever). I then realized that I don't have half of them.
In the tutorial, there are synth instruments like acoustic pianos and things that my program doesn't seem to have. My list shows acoustic drum kits, acoustic guitars, electric pianos, strings, woodwinds, brass, and power chords, and that's about it. Where can I get the other, cooler synths that I see in the tutorial like acoustic piano, electric bass, electric guitar, etc.? I've looked everywhere and nothing can clarify this for me.

Also, last night I was trying to output one of my midi projects as an MP3, but the file sounded really odd whenever I exported it. The volume would seemingly fluctuate at random intervals, so that the song played quietly, but certain notes would seem much louder. It didn't have this problem when I played it inside the program, only when I exported it (I tried OGG too; no luck). There wasn't anything wrong with the midi, and even manually setting the volume of each note wouldn't fix anything. I even re-made the whole song and it still had the same problem. Has anyone else had that happen?

Another thing, I notice that certain midi synths can only play a certain range of notes, probably to keep it from sounding too weird. But is there any way I can alter that?

Finally, is there any way I can import a midi so that each of the tracks are separate? Whenever I import a midi into Music Maker 14, it merges all the tracks into a single one, and saving each of the tracks as a separate midi file is beginning to get on my nerves. Is there any way I can avoid this?

I'd appreciate it very much for some help, and I'd be ecstatic if just ONE of these problems can be solved. Thanks in advance!


Thomas_Paradijs wrote on 2/25/2009, 1:46 PM
I can answer your first question: The Synth Revolta 2 and the other instruments (bass, piano, ) are in the producers edition and also in the Magix Samplitude Music Studio, which is , I think, superior to Music Maker.

The problem with exporting music is also my problem, but with just One instrument, the Clean Electric Guitar in Vita.
Update 9-4-2009 Exporting is no longer a problem for me now that I'm using a better computer