ralftaro wrote on 6/13/2008, 5:49 AM

The elastic audio feature is exclusive to the "Producer Edition" of Music Maker 2008. So, you wouldn't find it in the regular Music Maker 2008, regardless of what language version you're using. You might want to consider an upgrade to the Producer Edition.

I hope this helps.

cheers, Ralf
nihon94 wrote on 5/17/2010, 7:27 AM

I use MMM 16 Premium (English). I do not know about Spanish version but you can watch my tutorial for elastic audio may be you will know how to find in your Music maker.
Link to watch video tutorial

How to make interesting audio effect(Elastic audio)

Thank you
calabarroso wrote on 11/28/2011, 5:19 AM

Ok. Thank you!

nihon94 wrote on 11/28/2011, 2:59 PM


Ok. Thank you!