Why am i getting a black/white image and shaking up/down?

FKMorais wrote on 5/31/2011, 3:03 PM

I have purchased a grabster AV 150 MX and i am trying to record my videos from my Canon ZR10 camcorder to my PC. I have plugged in all the correct connections as required. But when i go to view it on Magix i get a black and white image and the image is also shaking up and down. Can someone please help me and explain why this is happening and if has happen to anyone else. Thank you  


john-auvil wrote on 5/31/2011, 3:52 PM

You might check with grabster.


Which Magix software do you have?

blubb444 wrote on 5/31/2011, 4:50 PM

Hi, I've checked the camera model you have, and it seems to record on Mini-DV cassettes. And according to http://www.usa.canon.com/cusa/support/consumer/camcorders/minidv_camcorders/zr10 it also comes with a DV terminal which lets you transmit the digital video directly onto your PC, you just need a FireWire input on your PC (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/IEEE_1394_interface) and a fitting cable that fits between the two ports.


The image quality will be far superior compared to the method you're apparently trying to use now (using the analog output of your camera and connecting it with an AV grabber). With your current method, the video is first converted from digital (cassette) to analog (cam AV port) and then digitalized again (Grabber) which leads to a considerable loss of quality.


So even if your PC doesn't have FireWire, I highly recommend you buying an appropriate PCI card (prices start from ~€10) and a cable (<€10), if not already included with your camera.


Depending on which MAGIX software you're using, you can import directly into the program (works with the last couple editions of Movie Edit Pro), if not then you can find lots of freeware to get the capturing done.

FKMorais wrote on 6/1/2011, 7:00 AM

Hi, blubb444 i want to thank you for providing me with this information. I will most definatly get the firewire IEEE 1394 pci card and wire also. Again thanks.