Why can't I play fast notes on my keyboard via ASIO?

Malisan wrote on 5/25/2008, 3:39 PM
I have a big problem with my keyboard and Magix music maker! I dont know how to set it? I use ASIO! But I have problem when pressing the keys! I cannot play fast notes! It kindly breaks! If I play quarter notes it sound good! But if I play 32 notes I can not make it sound like 32 notes! Any idea what to do?


NoTurning wrote on 6/17/2008, 9:28 AM
Hi Malisan,
First I must assume you are NOT using MIDI as ASIO does not relate to MIDI at all.

Second, depending on your recording interface/sound card there will be a latency setting. You will want to change the latency and/or buffer settings in your hardware's control panel. After this you can change the buffer settings in Music Maker that will help in many instances.

Also, some early ASIO "drivers" (especially from Creative) were not good. Go to the manufacture of your interface and download the latest driver.

Finally, a trick that will improve all of your audio performance: Since Windows handles all audio tasks as a background service. Change Windows settings to handle background services first thus improving audio performance. (this will not reduce the performance of other applications - it will simply give priority to audio) Go to your Control Panel under Normal or Classic view and open the system applet. Click the advanced tab on top then click the first settings button (in the performance section). Another window will appear in which you must click the advanced tab again. Once you do you will be at the screen where you can select Background Services. Do this then apply all changes.

It will take Windows a couple of restarts to "catch up" but then you should notice a marked improvement.

I hope that helps,