cpc000cpc wrote on 1/25/2011, 11:47 PM



I've never had any problem applying rotation to either video or still images. Finding a solution to your problem might be possible if you included some basic information such as what Magix program you are using and exactly what steps you took that did not give rotation. Perhaps also whether you are wanting to rotate an entire video or just a small section.





ADDED: I use Movie Edit Pro and Video Pro X. Perhaps the rotation you want isn't available in Video Easy? If you're enjoying your editing I'd suggest going for MEP. Certainly try the free download trial version -- maybe to try the rotation and export suggested by Al! 

al10h wrote on 1/31/2011, 8:26 AM

Hi Terrielee. I was frustrated by this problem, but I found a way around it.

Start a new project, open the video you want, rotate it in the edit monitor, then export it (save it) as a new file.

Example: open videoxyz.avi, rotate it, then export it as videoxyz2.avi. You can then import videoxyz2.avi into your target project, and it shoud be rotated, like you wanted.


Hope this helps.