Working with 4K in MEP2014

Scenestealer wrote on 4/30/2014, 9:13 PM


Some tests with 4K (actually UHD) in MEP2014 in response to a members question a few days ago.

I downloaded a few 4K clips H264 MP4 and Prores MOV and they import and play well - the H264 play OK even at Full preview res. but the CPU is maxed out on all cores - 95 - 100% and 50% load on the GPU to boot! - actions in the arranger are sluggish. Everything works better however by clicking the Flash symbol under the preview window to reduce the preview resolution and I can add a page peel transition and Title which play smoothly with the CPU having some headroom at 60%.

Export seems restricted to H264 in  MP4 or MOV although this would probably be possible with other codecs like Prores, if they were on your system. There seem to be no export presets in the system ( not to mention anything about 4K or UHD workflow in Help) but the correct resolution template comes up when you try to export. An appropriate bitrate can be entered in the advanced encoder settings.

The Prores MOV did not play well at full res probably because MEP is optimised for playback of H264 by invoking the GPU to help decoding.

Not an all encompassing test and results will vary according to you system and footage but reasonably impressive. Creation of proxies should further improve the handling also but I have not tried that.


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System Specs: Intel 6th Gen i7 6700K 4Ghz O.C.4.6GHz, Asus Z170 Pro Gaming MoBo, 16GB DDR4 2133Mhz RAM, Samsung 850 EVO 512GB SSD system disc WD Black 4TB HDD Video Storage, Nvidia GTX1060 OC 6GB, Win10 Pro 1909, MEP2016, 2020 Premium and prior, VPX7, VPX11. Microsoft Surface Pro3 i5 4300U 1.9GHz Max 2.6Ghz, HDGraphics 4400, 4GB Ram 128GB SSD + 64GB Strontium Micro SD card, Win 10Pro 1903, MEP2015 Premium.


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