WTF Magix how can you remove my access to downloadable content

c-l wrote on 7/13/2018, 5:37 PM

I am trying to use Wed Designer Premium 64 and I get your update service period has expired. So are you honestly telling me that content that I have access too, and had access too for an entire year, I have to honestly pay yearly to have access to content I had access to and paid for?

Is this your new business model? I mean honestly I am almost speechless except to say that I am very disappointed in this move, to gouge money from someone who has already paid for that same software/content.

Further I think I will go back to Dream Weaver, notepad, Microsoft Expression where you buy the product once and can use it for a lifetime without being forced to update and move onto a later version. If it works do not fix it and if you build something it is poor business practice to force people to move onto something else for the sake of your pocket book.



emmrecs wrote on 7/14/2018, 4:00 AM

Hi, welcome to the Magix forums.

Although Web Designer Premium is actually a Xara product, I'm pretty certain the Update Service/Facility is identical for almost all products sold by Magix, who own Xara.

The situation is that when your (paid for) update service expires you will receive no further updates but the product will continue to function at the level it has reached on the day the update period expires. So, unless, for some reason, you need to uninstall and reinstall your program, there is no need (or facility) for you to download anything to maintain its full functionality, so I am not at all sure why you have written your rant.

OTOH, if you do need to reinstall the software then that installation will revert to the version that you installed originally, i.e. without any later updates etc. You may disagree with this policy but it is clearly enunciated in all Magix references to updates.

As to your alternative softwares, I'm pretty certain both Dreamweaver and Microsoft Expression have been discontinued by their respective manufacturers so I'm not sure just how "useful" to you they will actually be.

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johnebaker wrote on 7/14/2018, 4:41 AM



Did you read the Web Designer Pro details here just above 'What the press has to say'


'With the Premium Version, you get 2,000 MB online disk space and your own domain free for one full year.'

You may have had an email reminding you that your year is up and asking if you want to renew the hosting package.

Free web hosting is a thing of the past - the current model is a hosting package with free domain name - a subtle difference.

The subscription model for software has been around for several years and is becoming the norm with software manufacturers.


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c-l wrote on 7/16/2018, 9:49 PM

Fair enough, Let me clarify why I had written my "rant"

I have purchased a total of 10 Xara based products, my product "Xara Web Designer Premium  DL x64 Dec  9 2015". allows me to view all downloaded content from the Design Gallery, without issue nor do I get prompted ever on this product to update my service in any way to view my Gallery items.

With regards to "Xara Web Designer Premium  DL x64 Apr 25 2017" I not only cannot view any items in the Gallery but I also cannot access any of the items I have purchased such as business specific templates.

Since I use both of these products weekly, it came as a shock that I was being prompted in the latest version that I have to update my service to access already paid for content. No warning within the application that this behavior was changing and I do not update because if what I have works for what I need it to do then I do not fix it.

To me this has caused a inconvenience and thus warranted my "rant"

On the other topics, I have been using both Dreamweaver and Expression for years after they discontinued support because the applications work. They do what they need to do.

As a software developer myself, a full-stack web developer and a data analyst I use many tools, and am deeply involved in the development life cycle of past, present and future development methodologies. I use this product because it provided me with certain content which I found useful and I only paid once for it.

Now onto how you answered this post.

My product service is no longer available in one version, it is in the other. As a user of your products for more than 5 years, and dealing with a very specific issue, which is not a technical issue, but a contract issue I would have appreciated for you to start your response by having researched my account, apologized for my inconvenience this change has caused me and offered no snide comments on my points of contention and tried to be more understanding and empathetic to why this user would be so upset.

Thank you Jeff, as the face of your company you made it clear how wrong and ignorant I am to your companies policies and procedures, but now it is crystal clear.

I bought this product to help with content and structure within the sites I create and appreciated the export function which i would then use with other products, many of which "where" XARA products. All of the products I purchase have a purpose and are useful, no need to subtly bash your competitors.

I appreciate your response.

johnebaker wrote on 7/17/2018, 2:04 AM


Please note that this is a user to user forum, not Magix support. Neither Jeff nor I are employed by Magix.

If you wish to take this up with Magix I would suggest you raise a support ticket here.

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Bob-Moffett wrote on 8/1/2020, 3:47 PM

I concur with the original post - what Magix is doing to Xara products is not only unethical but, also illegal in some countries other than the UK - hence, the outrage at this practice.

What practice? The act of disabling content the user has already paid for and downloaded, including already LICENSED CONTENT THAT WAS INCLUDED WITH THE PURCHASE PREVIOUS BOXED OR DOWNLOADED versions.

YES! Magix disables your content and wipes clean the gallery of content you have acquired and owned for years prior, while their subscription bot harasses you continually for excessive fees. The user experience with MAGIX is akin to dealing with protection rackets of organized crime.

It's a shame, but tossing the Xara product line on the junk heap to avoid Magix is a small price to pay for side stepping this grotesque racket.