AAProds wrote on 5/26/2024, 10:37 PM


Magix is great for making YT Shorts!

There are Movie Settings presets for "Social Media", being square and 9:16 (ie portrait video). It's a tradeoff between filling the phone screen or not zooming in as much using a square, or even 4:3, frame size. If your source material is 16:9 landscape, then you're better off with a square frame. If it's portrait ie upright, then by all means use 9:16 to fill the whole phone screen eg 1080x1920.

The very basic steps are:

-Set up your movie settings as you desire

-Bring your clips onto the timeline

-Use either Section, Camera/Zoom Shot or Size-Position-Rotation to fill your movie frame.

-Save As... MPEG 4 at frame size and bitrate (thru Advanced) that you desire; the higher bitrate the better for quality.

Come back if you get stuck. 😉

All my forum comments are based on or refer to my System 1.

My struggle is over! I built my (now) system 2 in 2011 when DV was king and MPEG 2 was just coming onto the scene and I needed a more powerful system to cope. Since then we've advanced to MP4 and to bigger and bigger resolutions. I was really suffering, not so much in editing (with proxies) but in encoding, which just took ages. A video, with Neat Video noise reduction applied, would encode at 12% of film speed. My new system 1 does the same job at 160% of film speed. Marvellous. I'm keeping my old system as a capture station for analogue video tapes and DV.

System 1

Windows 11 v23H2 severely modified by Openshell and ExplorerPatcher

Power supply: 850W Cooler Master (should have got modular)

CPU: Intel i7 13700K running at 3400mhz, cooled by a Kraken 2x140mm All In One liquid cooler.

RAM: 64gb (2x32gb sticks) G.Skill "Ripjaws" DDR4 3200Mhz

GPU 1: iGPU UHD 770

GPU 2: NVidia RTX 3060Ti Windforce 8gb

C drive: NVME 500gb

Various other SSD and HDDs.

Monitor: 27"/68cm Samsung, 2560 x 1440, 43 pixels/cm.

MEP 2021 version

Movie Studio 2023 version

Magix Video Easy version

System 2

(Still in use for TV and videotape capture)

Windows 10 v22H2

CPU: i5-750 at 2670mhz with 12gb RAM

Onboard IEEE1394 (Firewire) port

GPU: ATI Radeon HD 4770 (512mb) which is ignored by MEP

Hard drives: C Drive 256gb SSD, various other HDDs.

Monitor: Dell 22"/56cm, 1680x1050, 35 pixels/cm

MEP 2021 version

Movie Studio 2023 version

VPX 12

DarkWestern wrote on 5/26/2024, 10:39 PM

Thank you, AAProds! I will give this a go!