Apocalypse Now_Roadhouse Blues

seaspine wrote on 2/8/2009, 4:52 AM
Width: 720
Height: 480
Duration: 04:02
Format: x-ms-asf
This something I stumbled upon. The main video ftom Apocalypse Now was placed on 2 and 3. I used a blue filter bitmap as a background and adjusted the parametere on the video to a midgreen channel shift at white. The real trick was to copy and paste an Adobe Premier Neon Glow filter onto a black bitmap to get a neon glow screen/filter which I then placed on track 4 and adjusted the alpha channels to get the desired effect. Loved it! Check out Apocalypse Now_The End on You Tube where I substituted a green bitmap on lieu of the blue filter. Really interesting effects. Did some others tweaks but you get the picture.
This is an educational video and as such does not violate any copright issues that may arise out of this submission.


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