Ardwin German- I don't Seek Power!

amenproletar wrote on 8/11/2018, 10:03 AM
Tags: Short films, Animation, Video editing, Experimental, Trailers
Width: 1920
Height: 1080
Duration: 00:46
Format: octet-stream

Short animated video with special Visual Effects. I want you to concentrate on the Audio which is created with MAGIX Software!

Music: Composed and Played by Sascha Nafti, from Contributatis "Duologic Eguilibrium" Game Project 2018-2020 Created using: MAGIX Music Maker Live; MIDI & VSTi Plugins.

Voiceover: Both Recorded With MAGIX Music Maker:

EvilWorldVoice: Sascha Nafti, edited with MAGIX Samplitude Studio; "Orange Vocoder" Plugin

Ardwin German: Voiced by Sascha Nafti

DISCLAIMER: I completely do own the showed content, Audio & Visuals. Copyrighted by Contributatis Media Limited. (Contributatis GmbH). Characters: Ardwin German ( A.K.A. Berliner Ardwinstark Deutschmann) officially created & Designed by Sascha Nafti, and is no official Transformers Figure.