Blue Groove Night Tripper

Former user wrote on 7/21/2015, 9:36 PM
Title: Blue Groove Night Tripper
Album: Blue Groove Night Tripper

Hi Folks!

Here's another one from my archives.  (This one goes back about 4 years).  Never really had the time to finish it, except recently.  Hope you enjoy and have a great listen,



Beamish-Spartano wrote on 7/22/2015, 1:44 AM

sehr schöne Musik, das Klavierspiel und Saxspiel gefällt mir sehr Gut, die Musik könnte man ür ein krimi serie gebrauchen, Lg, von Joachim.

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Hallo Musikfreunde,  jeder hat mal Probleme mit das Abmischen seine Musik der eine weniger als der Andere, ich Biete euch an für ein Kleine Betrag, das Abmischen eure Musik zu Übernehmen, bei Interesse bitte Hier oder in mein Solo Profil Anmelden, Alles andere werde ich euch bei Interesse Informieren, herzlichen Gruß Spartano!  

GBTraveller wrote on 7/22/2015, 4:27 AM

Hello Griff,
rhythmic and tonal your music is always an absolute ingenious stray fire.
This is a claim, the Jazz simply carries within itself.
Jazz musicians tick as just different.
  Musical colors (mainstream) are held me personally always much too simple.

You design and mixing these basic colors always very convincing.
Black and white has little room for interpretation.

I love that about your creations !

Greeting Freddy

Gryami wrote on 7/22/2015, 4:46 AM

Hi Griff,

Thanks for the invite.  So we have yet another fine composition from you.  A piece that rolls along very nicely that makes for a pleasurable listen.  I would have used a more subtle drum groove, (just my opinion), but I guess that's the way that you wanted it to create the feel of the genre.

I enjoyed the listen.



DanielsAnimations2014 wrote on 7/22/2015, 10:13 AM

Hi Griff!

That's the best song I've ever enjoyed in my life! Pretty much great effort nonetheless. 5 stars for this.

Oh, and yeah, remember the Samantha and Finto thumbs up picture? I'm so glad you enjoyed the new look of The Rodfellows:

Former user wrote on 7/22/2015, 10:58 AM

Hi Griff,
jazz is inside you, each song is expression of true musical talent, a real pleasure to listen  this music.


Former user wrote on 7/22/2015, 12:40 PM

Que puedo decir sobre mi Tio Loquisimo!!!!!.

Para mi no hay nadie en esta Comunidad que pueda expresar la música Jazz como tu.

Eres un Gran Maestro y tienes absolutamente todo mi Respeto y no solo porque seamos Familia.

Un Abrazo mi querido Tio.


-Celina-Neatly- wrote on 7/22/2015, 1:20 PM

Hello. Dear. It's nice of you to share this. I put the headphones on, and the confines of the everyday world melt away. Very very nice.

All the best. Greetings...

gospelbj1 wrote on 7/22/2015, 1:53 PM


I don't know what to say.  I'm completely speechless.  I love everything about this song...from the instrumentation, to the rhythm, to the structure.  You knocked this out of the park Buddy!!!

Much kudos...some of your musical talent needs to rub off on me!!!!

Great job.  This is going into my favs.


Maboe wrote on 7/22/2015, 1:57 PM

Yeah, I have a great listen, I move my head and my feet!

One more supertrack from your archives. Thanks so much for sharing, Griff!


Former user wrote on 7/22/2015, 2:19 PM

Dear friend here in Milan, the temperature is exaggerated by more than 15 days, 40 degrees during the day and at night a living hell, but hell is something else, but you know complain is part of the human race.
Now that I wrote some stupid move on to the song, I would say that the quality is as always professional (well you were or are a professional in music) I appreciate listening and I am still learning.
logically this track goes straight among my favorites like many others composed by Tea
You are great

Piazzini wrote on 7/22/2015, 2:22 PM

Hoi Griff

a true dream of jazz songs. You drive the full program on ..... of groovy brass about this jazzy piano, this tangy solis ..... a treat for my ears.

my friend .... you have what it takes! Respect ..... jazz at its best.

en liebe gruess vom


tgfmusica wrote on 7/22/2015, 4:55 PM

Bellissimo pezzo, eseguito magistralmente, sinceri complimenti dal tuo amico di musica, tgfmusica, Gianfranco, ciao. 5*

gerrycix wrote on 7/22/2015, 5:28 PM

Hello Griff,

Very nice piano .....super work !

Great sound my friend ...!

Ciao David

emacor wrote on 7/22/2015, 7:21 PM

Hi Griff:

Once again you have here an art piece.

This is an amazing composition and a superb execution... the perfect soundtrack for a nice summer night walk through NYC.

Superbe and unique!

All the best to you


Former user wrote on 7/23/2015, 11:22 AM

Hi Griff,

your hot youngtimer from your archive is a cool song.

DEPO57 wrote on 7/23/2015, 12:24 PM

GRIFF, GRIIIFF, J ADORE THIS MUISC!!!! and you play it very well!!! fantastic!!! thank you my friend!

Former user wrote on 7/23/2015, 1:26 PM

My good good buddy

If I didn't like you so much, I would hate you for keeping all this talent for you own and not spreading the wealth.  Ahhh, to have 2 good hands instead of just having one (or part of one).  It irks me to no end that you ( and me too) don't have full use of both hand because together, they have so much to say!  At least you have archived some of your stuff from your previous life and can finish and share them with your admirers.

I absolutely LOVE this one.  At 2:15, I recognized the ascending intervals (4ths I believe) that sounds so atonally (?) jazzy and dissonant,  A guy I knew in college showed me that little riff (Hey, I just realized if you put a "G" in front of "Riff",you get "Griff"!!) and I still use it, although I can't play descending 4ths very well.  I've digressed.  Sorry

Favs, infinite stars and I'd take my hat off to you if I wore one. hahaha

Africa wrote on 7/24/2015, 3:52 PM



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I loved play the piano .....

a friend gave me a musimaker 2013 that did not use and I will try to record my music with my new piano that my family has given me for my retirement


Former user wrote on 7/24/2015, 5:14 PM


I feel compelled to write a comment on here again.  I think it's a damn shame that more people have not bothered to listen to this song or appreciate the work that you have put into it.  It takes a boat load of talent to compose something of this caliber.. The rhythm alone would be more than most could comprehend.  Add in the fact that you PLAY EVERYTHING YOU HEAR and use no loops, samples .....makes you that much more of a true artist.  

I realize that a lot of people are busy with jobs etc and maybe do not feel they can spare a few minutes to listen  and I mean actually LISTEN to people's music.  That is one thing but if that is the case, how do they possibly have time to "write "music and send several songs a week (or a day) for others to listen to??????????  That is my gripe, Griff.  If you expect people to listen to your songs, then you should reciprocate and listen to theirs!  I'm having trouble curbing my tongue here and I'm sure you know that and can fill in the expletives yourself .  It's about RESPECT and that seems to  be lacking here as of late and I share your sentiments wholeheartedly!

With admiration


jjnicholls55 wrote on 7/25/2015, 12:14 AM

Hey Griff


What a screamer, love it. Such a great vamp going on there and that sax is the sexiest thing Ive heard in a long while. Isn't it great when you pull out one thats been mellowing away like fine bourbon and add that last bit of something special. Well thats what you have done here my friend. Cracking peice of music.




smartsmurf wrote on 7/26/2015, 1:23 PM

Excellent music... 

somehow Soundtrack like... Shaft or anything of that kind.

I like this track very much... 

...but something must be wrong with my internet browser...

...I can only see you as a "former member" here.

I will tell Magix about it, because this just CAN NOT BE !!!

Edi-no1 wrote on 7/27/2015, 9:46 AM

Hi Griff,

"Former member" why? I also see you as a "former member".

Fantastic sound as always. I've enjoyed listening to your tunes.

Take care,



MuggeMaker wrote on 7/28/2015, 2:07 AM

Hey Griff!

"Former Member"?? WHY?? 

This song is awesome. 

Yep, I had a great listen.

Keep making such great tunes! I always enjoyed your music...

With the best greetings to you,


Maboe wrote on 7/29/2015, 12:48 PM