Cryptic Illusion

TrishM wrote on 9/24/2016, 12:41 PM
Title: Cyrptic Illuision

  Hi  Music enthusiasts

I wrote this song using primarily the on-board sounds of both my Old Alesis QS8 and newer Casio Privia PX-5S.  The piano sound is Addictive keys and all parts are played on a keyboard.

Thanks for listening 




Former user wrote on 9/24/2016, 2:18 PM

Hi trish, seems to me a magnificent building, I like this course and at the bottom of my being I think the piano is much more passion to give,.. I mean, here emerges an important theme song, has significant parts, I think this musical theme can go far if you choose the strins instrument suitable  and use it to support in the background, think you could expand your range of instruments, have the conditions for that, the power of your music would increase significantly, greetings.

FxL_ wrote on 9/24/2016, 5:01 PM


greatings to St. Louis



Former user wrote on 9/25/2016, 2:43 AM

hallo funkey

schöner song




Mondschwester wrote on 9/25/2016, 4:27 AM

Hi there my friend!

I already could take a listen to the song... I love the piano melody! It is smooth and soft and so beautiful! I'm addicted to your piano playing! It's just simply AWESOME! I can't point that out often enough!

The instruments are well chosen and fit perfectly together! Fantastic atmosphere and great sound!

Full of variety especially in the harmonies! And everything sounds so epic!

Liked it a lot!!! Great song!!!

All the best

diegoweb13 wrote on 9/25/2016, 9:21 AM

Brava Trish beautiful performance.
Beautiful melody.


Hello Diego

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Gryami wrote on 9/25/2016, 12:22 PM

Hi Trish,

I really like what you've done here.  A magnificant performance which demonstates your keyboard skills. The tune flows along very nicely,  with some catchy little measures here and there, which enhances the entire composition and makes for very pleasant listening.  I really did enjoy the listen.  Thank you for the invite.  I was not dissapointed.



olivier28 wrote on 9/25/2016, 12:48 PM

Trés trés beau

merci Patricia



Ilona.S. wrote on 9/25/2016, 4:40 PM

Hi Trish,

it's a very nice song!!!

I like it.


Best whishes an 5*


Former user wrote on 9/25/2016, 7:53 PM

Hi Trish:

I just returned home after a long day.  Sitting down and listening to this soothing song is just what I need.

Remember, even a 'beast' like me needs his savage soul soothed. <lol>  You have once again demonstrated how to convey strong, but sensitive, emotions without uttering one syllable,



Former user wrote on 9/26/2016, 4:37 AM

dear trish, music no doubt high-quality, light and refined it is a real pleasure to listen to.
always all very well built, musically professional and with a stunning arrangement
I congratulate you for this your new work, I particularly appreciated


HellRaiser wrote on 9/26/2016, 9:27 AM

You're not only a great piano player, but also a great composer. You created a beautiful melody!!! Thanks for this over the top-performance *****

Soundschill wrote on 9/26/2016, 10:52 AM

   A wonderful title, very with feeling!


Former user wrote on 9/26/2016, 1:30 PM


I Love it!!!



Former user wrote on 9/27/2016, 11:13 AM

Hi Trish,
your unmistakable mark of delicacy and refinement is very present in this your last song that I enjoyed in a special way.
A pleasure to hear your work.
A big hello.


VOXS wrote on 9/28/2016, 1:29 PM

Hi Trish,

in our dreamy community you're on of the best piano players (exept Griff : -)). Your song is heartfully played by soul and mind - hats off ( is a German term for consideration).

All the best for you and your family - Andreas



tgfmusica wrote on 9/28/2016, 4:50 PM

Sempre qualcosa di bello dal tuo pianoforte, complimenti, 5* da tgfmusica, Gianfranco, ciao

Former user wrote on 9/29/2016, 3:27 AM

Hello Trish

Very nice music .   I like it  and  FAV

Very relaxing

B.Regards 100000volts

jecke wrote on 9/29/2016, 2:52 PM

This is really good. Your playing ability is great and I found this on very relaxing. This one I could asily have in my phone at work. Very well done.

Dad.on.the.moon wrote on 9/30/2016, 9:34 AM

Salut Trish,

superbe composition, douce, harmonique et très relaxante, merci pour ce moment  


stuallan wrote on 10/3/2016, 11:21 AM

Hi Trish,

Apologies for getting here late, family issue required my full attention.

No illusion that you create beautiful music! Loved the softness of this piece. Fantastic melody skillfully accented with synth flourishes in all the right places.

Into my Fav's it goes.

Best Regards,


PS This is perfect at this difficult time, thank you for sharing.

rollii1953 wrote on 10/5/2016, 12:57 AM

HEE Trish!!!!

 das ist fantastisch  der Sound  sehr schön!!!!!

Father_of_Joy wrote on 10/8/2016, 12:40 AM

After 4 months of my summer break I am back here. And as first, I enjoy this beautiful piano track. 

SpriteBat wrote on 10/22/2016, 5:46 PM

Cool! Always such a treat to hear your original compositions! I absolutely adore the way you crafted this, with all the subtle but very significant sounds in the background, giving it such a beautiful atmosphere of fantasy and innocence, but also some trepidation and wonder. It's like a soundtrack. I don't know exactly what images it brings to mind, but the important thing is that it lets my mind wander, and that's always something I love when listening to music. I'm telling you, please consider making a solo album with stuff like this. It would be so great for taking the listener away from everyday life. And I think if you just had fun with it and didn't take it too seriously, you'd naturally end up with these wonderful worlds you create through music.

gospelbj1 wrote on 10/31/2016, 5:02 PM


What's up girl?  The piano maestro is still at it...producing some of the most beautiful creative works of music I've heard in a long time.

Ok...I'm actually seeing the different colors and shapes we used to see as kids when we looked through a kaleidoscope. (spelling)  Anyway, this is a beautiful song Trish.  You never disappoint with any of your offerings.  From one pianist to another...Bravo.