David's Song

Former user wrote on 5/4/2015, 6:49 PM

A song written for an old friend whom I have not seen since I was 12 years old.  But a true friend will always be special, always have time to share and time to listen.  

I sincerely hope that you enjoy the song.
Thank you


PS   I should have added that David is alive and well in Memphis, Tennesse and is still a close friend thanks to email.  I wanted to write a song for David to show my appreciation for his friendship.  He definitely appreciated it!


gospelbj1 wrote on 5/4/2015, 7:03 PM

Hi Trish,

Very beautiful.  Loved the chords at :30...gorgeous.  This is a very moving piece.  I'm sure that if David were to hear this song, he would be moved to the very core of his soul.  I loved listening to this Trish.  Thank you so much for sharing this masterpiece.  You are such a masterful, seasoned pianist.

Simply breathtaking and beautiful.  This goes into my favs for sure!!!

Much Respect!


olivier28 wrote on 5/4/2015, 7:05 PM

Magnifique, Mélancolique

Musique trés douce

il faut juste fermer les yeux et écouter




olivier28 wrote on 5/4/2015, 7:22 PM

on ne peux que écouter une deuxieme fois et plus....

je cherche mes mots , c'est tout simplement beau



diegoweb13 wrote on 5/4/2015, 7:39 PM

Brava Trish.
Beautiful execution and great music.

You deserve 5 stars and:


Hello Diego

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Gryami wrote on 5/4/2015, 8:46 PM

Hi Trish,

Thanks for the invite.  What a beatifull piece of music.  True to your usual style and very nicely composed.


Kind regards,


rollii1953 wrote on 5/5/2015, 2:08 AM

Thanks Trish was balm for the soul!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

DEPO57 wrote on 5/5/2015, 3:07 AM



Former user wrote on 5/5/2015, 3:18 AM

Hi Trish,

 a deep song, delicate, highly refined music, to tell one of the feelings most 'beautiful as friendship

I think this is one of your works more 'beautiful in absolute.
Engaging and exciting.
Brava Trish.


Father_of_Joy wrote on 5/5/2015, 3:35 AM

Again a wonderful track of you! Your outstanding piano playing touched me. Absolutly beautiful. 

tgfmusica wrote on 5/5/2015, 6:45 AM

Esprime la languida nostalgia dei vecchi ricordi, per me hai centrato proprio quello che volevi dire con questa canzone, 5* da tgfmusica, Gianfranco, ciao

Former user wrote on 5/5/2015, 7:36 AM

Hi Trish:

A beautiful song.  You play these kinds of songs with such emotion and tenderness. 

What inspired you to compose this piece for David at this particular time?  I am sure he will be quite pleased, when and if he listens to this heartfelt song.  You are certainly a "true" friend to create such a wonderful composition for someone you have not seen for such a length of time.


Former user wrote on 5/5/2015, 8:56 AM

I have deliberately not translated your presentation, because I think it's sad, and your music I sent him, I have heard and I hope that the photo of the cover is only a dedication to someone you love today but who still can love.
Your music is wonderful but this made me very sad.
your artistic qualities are not to be evaluated, the quality is always very high,
so congratulations to the track

Edi-no1 wrote on 5/5/2015, 9:41 AM

Hi Trish,

Great idea. Beautiful words about your song and also a wonderful piece of music.

That's great to have a true friend, I'm sure that David will be proud of your composition.

Perfectly done, I really like your tones.



Piazzini wrote on 5/5/2015, 2:15 PM

Hoi Trish

The Queen of the Keys has hit the nail on the head again.

A wonderful piece, full of emotion and put forward played beautifully.

it was a pleasure.

en liebe gruess vom


Former user wrote on 5/6/2015, 4:22 AM


TommyG wrote on 5/6/2015, 5:14 AM

Wonderful Piano theme. So melancholic, so full of emotion. Great stuff, thanks.

Former user wrote on 5/6/2015, 6:25 AM


A very nice track. well done!!


By Horstfe

info4u2 wrote on 5/6/2015, 6:26 AM

Moist tears blur my vision whilst writting this comment and listerning to your song at the same time. Like music, words are inadequate, only the experience trully discribes the feeling. 5*


Maboe wrote on 5/6/2015, 1:13 PM

It´s a fantastic theme, wonderfully played!


Former user wrote on 5/6/2015, 1:38 PM

Ein sehr schönes Lied Gefällt mir.


tingel wrote on 5/6/2015, 3:29 PM

wahhhooo, thats all I want to say... greetings Andi... may your friendship be for the whole live... friends are

friends and very important... very well played...

ballabarr wrote on 5/6/2015, 9:04 PM

This is grate as always,love your piano playing Teatch me 

well done take care

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Im from sweden 55 year's young play 4 instruments,(Drums is my main instr) guitarr,keybords,and some bassand im learning to play faceorgan (Harmonica) I make my musc self.I love icehockey and soocer,bean to cooking school,bean a sailor for 10 years,but not anymore hade my last ship 1993 and i miss that job  (cargoship) see the world and get pay'd for it,that's nice

(Pleace wright in english if u can no requirement just a wishes)

olivier28 wrote on 5/7/2015, 3:41 PM

smartsmurf wrote on 5/7/2015, 4:17 PM

The "world of words" is too limited to describe the beauty of this music...

Even after several times of listening... I could not get enough of it... but I visit my favourites regulary and will be glad to find your track there...

10 *