franco-galateo wrote on 5/14/2019, 7:07 AM

overall I would say well .. interesting composition


transistor-pro-technor wrote on 5/15/2019, 4:24 AM

Beautiful composition, instruments aligned, nifty

transistor-pro-technor wrote on 5/15/2019, 4:27 AM

vamos ver se eu faço uma Produção hoje, pois é feriado mesmo, bom para estar em casa em vez de estar na rua fazendo não sei o quê, essa música me inspirou agora, vamos ver no que vai sair

transistor-pro-technor wrote on 5/15/2019, 4:29 AM

my cousin has a white dog like that, if I'm not mistaken, it's a Belgian shepherd breed

VeckStarling wrote on 5/15/2019, 6:44 AM

She was a German Shepherd Dog. And she went everywhere with me. She is missed. Happy to know that I was able to provide a little inspiration for you too. Can’t wait to see what you produce. Let me know when it’s ready and I will definitely give a listen.