APMC. wrote on 10/4/2019, 9:42 PM

Bom agito, clássico de um Concerto misturado com Pop Dance... e pitadas de techno, valeu!!! Parabéns! Boa entrada de Semana!!

vini wrote on 10/5/2019, 1:35 AM

MATE! I can not tell ya. That tune rocks. It has Celtic, Oriental.and some other international things going on. I wish I had created that. May I download it for future listening please......."Bodor does the planet". well done. vini. 👍

franco-galateo wrote on 10/5/2019, 2:02 AM

good idea compositional.. interesting osng


Jochen-S wrote on 10/5/2019, 3:41 AM

Wow !!!
great and liked to hear ...👍👈👉👌
Greeting Jochen

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DJ.Ernest.Bodor wrote on 10/5/2019, 7:01 AM

MATE! To ti nemohu říct. To ladí skály. Probíhá keltský, orientální a další mezinárodní věci. Přál bych si, abych to vytvořil. Mohu si ji stáhnout pro budoucí poslech, prosím ....... "Bodor dělá planetu". Výborně. vini. 👍

Hi yeah you can feel free to download it otherwise thank you

paolo-tani3362 wrote on 10/5/2019, 7:34 AM


greez paolo

horst-d wrote on 10/5/2019, 8:24 AM

Short, but well done😊😊👍👏😊❤️♪♪♪

best wishes Horst😎
🎼 🎸🌂🌂🌂🌂🌂🎼🎧♪♪♪

PS: Have a nice weekend☀️


Jinty wrote on 10/5/2019, 9:29 AM

It's a great demo,, well done!!!!!!!

Siggi-M wrote on 10/5/2019, 11:09 AM

hi,that is good classic dance 👌.I like it !!!!