Get Better Niki (Acoustic Original)


Former user wrote on 2/7/2010, 4:37 AM

I love acoustic guitar and also the voice is more beautiful... good search of sonority ...Bravo Richard !!!


I embrace you

Antoni Fiorillo

Former user wrote on 2/12/2010, 3:17 PM
I´m recognizing your emotions! Great work!
Former user wrote on 4/5/2010, 5:59 AM
Molto bella questa musica, ottimo la chitarra ed eccellente la voce, complimenti 5***** ;-)
VisionWalker wrote on 9/22/2010, 8:43 PM

Pretty and touching song! Pity I idn't discover it before I go in hospital it could help me feel beter too.

 Hope she is Ok now?

 You are realy talanted

nice to listen your songs.


 I liked the solo too - interesting in the low frequences. ( just at the end it looks like not  finished is ityour choice?)


You have a nice voice - I would like to listen it more loud or specialy not as far (what is the reverb and the percents you used?)


You have a nice and interesting dinamique during singing - infortunately we can't hear it as well. It's dificult to record it as well i know.


greetings V. W.


P.S. I'm curiouse to listen some new vercion of  your voice that would sound more closer even  intimate