Jason-Serrano wrote on 11/17/2018, 2:19 PM
Tags: Music videos, Trailers
Width: 1920
Height: 1080
Duration: 11:15
Format: mp4

• Musical Arrangement & Performance (Cubase)…
  Arturia: V Collection.
  Waves: Grand Rhapsody Piano.
• Audio Recording, Mixing & Mastering (Cubase & Waves).
• Video Composition & Editing (Movie Edit Pro).
• Sound Effects & Ambient Audio Cushions (Cubase & Sound Forge).
• Stylized Graphic Design based on original material (Photoshop).

1. Recreate an educational “digital in-the-box recording” of John Carpenter’s original musical score for the horror movie classic: Halloween (1978).
2. Create an arrangement that represents a medley of all of the movie´s main musical themes.
3. Demonstrate the credibility and realism of Waves Audio and Arturia sound libraries.
4. Mix and master the track using effects plugins that will recreate a 1970´s studio sound.
5. Create a trailer for Ubisoft: The Crew, to illustrate an appropriate use of the musical arrangement and recording. The trailer should follow a “driving movie” format and narrative that would remind the viewer of the U.S. locations and storyline of the original Halloween movie (1978) and be reminiscent of the movie´s overall ambiance.

A Frontier 2000 S.L. production for Monkeyhands Studios; recorded, mixed and mastered in the Sierra of Madrid, SPAIN.

Created in collaboration with Monkeyhands Studios’ audio production services and educational courses at: http://monkeyhands.es/