Hawaii Green Flash Sunset Simultation

seaspine wrote on 5/4/2009, 5:24 PM
Width: 1280
Height: 720
Duration: 00:48
Format: x-ms-asf
Totally faked. Enhanced image with Photoshop. In Particle Illusion, select "Corona". Set tint color and corona to green. Set deflector across water line but leave room to reflect acroo the horizon and ocean (trapezoid shape). Start size at 70 in horizon and slowly size down to 50. Nudge down 1 click every 60 frames until the green starts. Hold so this sequence is 20 seconds. Nudge down  to water level. 3 seconds before end of clip, increase size to 200 so the flash will refelct across the horizon and ocean. Rapidly drop the visibility after the flash and fade out. Helps to darken the image initially. Tweek image as needed.


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