IT. (it is what it is) class n bass

cornsy2008 wrote on 2/17/2015, 11:30 AM

IT. (it is what it is)  classical and drum and bass combined.


just another wierd mix by me.


from alan.


PS,some people have told me that the mastering could be better.


sorry i should have said.

i didnt rate it good enough for mastering.
















What happens when life breaks down?

When there is systemic contradiction?
My name symbolized all that was corrupt to society.
His name symbolized all that was pure.

And I was being hailed in the embrace of the man who was pure.

And these inviolable sanctities were preserved in those ten words.

And it is the de-sacralization of all of these that has put us in the mess that we find ourselves.

Isn't it true, alas it is much worse.

A person may end up believing in anything.

You know, if that human acceptance does so much for you and me.

Think of what it is when God himself puts his arms around you and says

"Welcome home".

What love is this?

It is God's love.

And no other love can be defined until that love has properly been understood.




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Please note home mastering and studio mastering are not the same. This is a misconception. the process is different,and while the sound of the polished track may seem the same to the NAKED EAR so to speak actually sound different to the trained ear.

THE TRACKS I WILL BE UPLOADING WILL BE ONLY "HOME" MASTERING. (fast process). music maker defaults are ok but not polished. 

most people are not concerned about the mastering there more comcerned about the FEEL.

i do not work for free so please do not sent me tracks to be mastered (for free). my time is not cheap.


there are some rules that are just plain idiotic. What are some examples of this behavior, why do people do it? Is it because (This is my assumption) they are afraid of the unknown? They are afraid of taking risk? Or is something that happens during the "nurturing" phase of life with overprotective parents. Maybe it's even a genetic thing.







from alan.






Former user wrote on 2/17/2015, 12:40 PM

Hola Alan,para mi esta es una musica visual,buena para videos o documentales,tambien tiene un buen ambiente,los ritmos son ok,para no permitir caidas y falta de interes,diria que es un agradable sonido,Paz...

diegoweb13 wrote on 2/17/2015, 1:18 PM

Good track.

Bravo Alan.


Hello Diego

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tgfmusica wrote on 2/17/2015, 1:41 PM

Traccia molto buona, bravo, saluti da tgfmusica, Gianfranco, ciao

Farstom wrote on 2/17/2015, 1:58 PM

nee sorry

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I know nothing about music. Only listened .. Using technology also makes possible for me to be able to make music.

  I am also into photography amateur.

I'm not here for stars score but coment with advice for improvement of my music.

at my coment on music of others, I remain honest. this must be mutual .

I give my voice just as public and not as someone who knows something from music.

 I'm open to all criticism. I want to learn something



puschi642 wrote on 2/18/2015, 1:37 AM

Tut mir leit aber das ist nicht meine Richtung.

Von Dir habe ich schon anspruchsvolleres gehört. Denn ich muss Sagen Du kannst es und hast es drauf .

Aber für die Arbeit was ich zu Schätzen weis ,gebe ich zumindest zwei Sterne.Aber mehr geht nicht.

Sei mir nicht Böse. Lg Micha

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Hi, ich bin der Micha ne.  56 Jahre Alt geworden. Musik machen ist so mein Hobby und auch mal ein Video selber machen. Und auch mal Veranstaltungen, also auch mal auflegen. Bin ledig, aber in einer festen Beziehung. Ich Arbeit im Bereich Stahlbau. Ich  bin aber gelernter Fleischer, Trockenbauer und Kraftfahrer. Hobby mäßig bin ich Tischler und Zimmermann.  Küchenmontage mach ich auch schon mal gern. Und ein Garten ist ja auch noch. Alles in allem vielseitig. Und vor allem keine lange Weile.

Former user wrote on 2/18/2015, 3:36 AM

At least you did not put this in the "Classical" category.


Gryami wrote on 2/18/2015, 11:20 AM

Hi Alan,

IT ?  (or is that a play on I.T. again), 

An unusual track.  I thought perhaps a little more variation with the drums would be better. (just my opinion).

IT is good,  IT is not bad at all. (lol).

4* for you my friend.


Former user wrote on 2/18/2015, 12:00 PM

Hello Alan,
not 'just the genre that  i listen frequently, but I really like this track.


PitchforkSB wrote on 2/18/2015, 12:01 PM

I think it's cool and creative.

The sound is slightly psychedelic. (cool)

The mastering could be a bit better. The deep tones press  and go slightly below.

The percussion more varied !!!

I just read that it is the wrong genre .... hahaha that's funny !!!

Here there are only limited genre.


I like it 5*

Greetings Stefan


Former user wrote on 2/18/2015, 1:37 PM

dance music very good.

Very good idea compositional.

ensemble instrumental nice


DEPO57 wrote on 2/18/2015, 4:29 PM

interessante, anche se non è il mio genere musicale

Nickillus wrote on 2/19/2015, 1:34 PM

I think I need to move my goalposts for 'weird''.  This just sounds great to me.  Maybe I listened to too much Frank Zappa - well I have one record somewhere.  I like it a lot Alan.

Former user wrote on 2/20/2015, 4:34 AM

very good sound , this tack in interesting

exellent job compositional


Former user wrote on 2/20/2015, 7:23 AM

a good job, a bit classical, like it

LG Sigrid

TheDJGrandfatherKoeddi wrote on 2/21/2015, 12:48 PM

Tolle Mucke! Hat sich echt gelohnt reinzuhören!
Kann man echt weiterempfehlen!
Der Song macht Spass! Futter für die Ohren!

The DJ Grandfather Köddi


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ich bin baujahr 1963 und Vater von 2Kindern und Musikverrückt

Mann nennt mich auch der Dieter Bohlen ohne Kohlen

Achtung !
Meine Songs entsprechen nicht den üblichen Hörgewohnheiten, sondern spiegeln nur meine persönliche Auffassung von Musik wieder.
Die Leute, die meinem speziellen Humor - den ich die Musik einfließen lasse - nicht folgen können, gibt es auf dieser Plattform ausreichend Mainstream zu hören.
Falls Dir oder Ihnen meine Musik gefällt, stell deine oder Ihre Anlage bitte auf Zimmerlautstärke - dein oder ihr Nachbar könnte anderer Meinung sein.

Viel Spaß beim Zuhören, Mut und gute Kopfhörer wünscht,

Euer Köddi


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"Ich sage immer die Musik ist das Blut der Weld"

"Ich sage immer las die Musik in den Adern erklingen"

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Und risiges Sampler-Tool vorhanden

MRW2014 wrote on 2/23/2015, 8:55 AM

Hi Alan,

für mich etwas langatmig........hier fehlt mir etwas mehr Abwechslung im Song...

Der Sound und die Verarbeitung sind sehr gut da gibt es nichts zu meckern...!!


Sandro_Glavina_Channel wrote on 2/24/2015, 4:27 PM

Excellent job !! - ciao da sandro

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Sandro Glavina is an italian composer, named L'Uomo e L'Ombra. The choice of the name derives from the title of the album "L'uomo e l'ombra" of the band "Abstract Music Nuova Esistenza", an experimental group founded by Sandro Glavina together with his friends in the mid-70s.

In the period 2009-2022, L'Uomo e L'Ombra has done 84 albums. The compositions of Sandro Glavina are partly influenced by progressive rock. Sandro has developed a personal style with many experimentations and actualizations. He offers music beyond borders by intertwining different styles in crossover with each other. Prog, psychedelia, classical, post-rock, jazz, pop are some of the influences that dissolve in ambient atmospheres, citations of contemporary music and minimalist nuances. Sandro Glavina aka L'Uomo e L'Ombra plays the music using VSTI synthesizers, keyboards and adds some loops. Sandro isn't a professional musician, composes and plays music just for fun, but his works reach a good outcome, pleasant to listen. L'UOMO E L'OMBRA


Former user wrote on 2/27/2015, 6:20 AM

5 *****


kam937 wrote on 2/27/2015, 8:41 AM

Drum solo. Cool. I liked this idea. 5*****!

TetleyAnderton wrote on 2/27/2015, 10:45 PM

Not bad Alan

sasiuk wrote on 3/2/2015, 10:51 AM

Hi Alan,

Good track.


Ray2000 wrote on 3/31/2015, 1:32 PM

Sehr gut!!

Grüße Ray

stuallan wrote on 4/1/2015, 11:35 AM

Hi Alan,

Neat idea! I loved the recurring bass line and the way the you ultimatley combined the "classical" with the drums and bass adding other dimensions as you went along. The whole was an esoteric and rather enjoyable ride.


Best Regards,


Guitorb wrote on 4/6/2015, 6:52 PM

Cool! I could see Debbie Harry adding some sweet vocals to this track.