JAZZ IS A PUNK (Lyric & Music/Clay Wilson & John Duffin)

Clay-Brian-Wilson wrote on 7/7/2024, 10:11 PM
Tags: Alternative, Punk, Rock

A song about a punk. We hope you enjoy the song. And best to all of you and your music.~~~Clay Brian Wilson Lyrics are below.

Lyric & Music/Clay Wilson & John Duffin

Verse: Jazz will hang you out to die
Harass you till you shout and cry
If he doesn’t get his way
He’ll make you his burning prey
Thinks he’s stud the hunk
He’s a bloody punk

Verse: Jazz will take you for a ride
Make you want to run and hide
Games are his way of life
Thank God you are not his wife
Jazz is king of funk
He’s a stinging punk

Bridge: When he was a young child
His folks were drunken and vile
Jazz was used and abused
He grew up confused
And now he’s one young punk

Verse: If you read his maddened mind
And remove your self-made blinds
You will begin to see
Why Jazz will be who he’ll be
His was no price in pain
For those he had disdain!

(Instrumental Verse)

Bridge: When he was a young teen
His folks were drunken and mean
Jazz was used and abused
He blew up on booze
And now he’s one young punk

Verse: If you read his saddened mind
You will find you can be kind
You will begin to know
Why Jazz gets in violent rows
His self-acceptance sunk
He thinks he’s just a punk!

Coda: (No longer self-absorbed

Jazz has found the Lord!)

(Now he’s self-assured

Jazz has found the Lord!)

(Jazz was born again

Jesus on the mend!)



© 1969, 1984, 2014, 2018, 2019, 2021, 2024 Clay Brian Wilson & John Anthony Duffin

All Rights Reserved


franco-galateo wrote on 7/8/2024, 2:56 AM

good track..interesting sound and good vocal performance


Clay-Brian-Wilson wrote on 7/8/2024, 8:46 AM

Thank you franco for your kind words. Best wishes, Clay :-)

Bradford-Alan-Davidson wrote on 7/8/2024, 10:55 AM

It is true...I am not his wife. Never will be. This is great material...the mix is remarkable. Known a few Jazz people in my life, thankfully they are few and far between. Enjoyed this much. Another gem from the master. Hope you are well.


Clay-Brian-Wilson wrote on 7/8/2024, 1:52 PM

Hello B:A:D, Thank you very much for listening and your kind words about our song, my friends! Yes, this is not meant to be a slight in any way to jazz music; it was just a name John Duffin gave the song. Yes, John Duffin is great at mixing and everything music for that matter, but again I hope you guys are doing great with your music, and thanks again for paying us a visit. God bless you all and your great music! Your friend and fan always, Clay and John!

J.olly.way wrote on 7/10/2024, 3:27 AM

Hi Clay its nice to hear your work again .great imagination with a cool story line put together so cool with music and vocals so uplifting . Just to tell you I have put a song on that was done from those Acid Planet days Great memories .God on on you Respect from Olly .

Clay-Brian-Wilson wrote on 7/10/2024, 1:35 PM

Thank you for your nice words about this song, my friend! I really appreciate it! God bless you, Clay-Brian-Wilson