Just you and me

F.R.H. wrote on 11/18/2020, 2:29 AM
Tags: Reggae

Just you and me

Just wanted to play with the well-known reggae cords again - C, A, F, C, G, C, G - it sounds really good if you add a little fun instruments and a little cozy singing.
Be happy and listen or skip it, the choice is always your own.

Be happy and make magixe music, i still try


franco-galateo wrote on 11/18/2020, 2:43 AM

wow... reggae sound great.. track exellent..


Jochen-S wrote on 11/18/2020, 3:44 AM

Hi Finn,
Since I also like reggae as an old rocker, I can only say that you made this reggae fantastic... BRAVO...
Greetings Jochen ...

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Futur wrote on 11/18/2020, 6:17 AM

C'est excellent , bravo 👍

Cordialement Tom

Ingo-Flieger wrote on 11/18/2020, 7:47 AM

wow - sounds very well - nice work,👍👍👍👌👌👌

Greetings, Ingo

F.R.H. wrote on 11/18/2020, 11:48 AM

@franco-galateo, @Jochen-S, @Futur and @Ingo-Flieger thank your for your kindly comments i like this too 😇😉😊

Patient-X wrote on 11/18/2020, 12:04 PM

Wow great happy reggae song, love it, great choice of vocals, quite a catchy piece Finn.😀👍🍺🍺🍺 🎼🎹👍😀🍿

F.R.H. wrote on 11/18/2020, 12:25 PM

Wow great happy reggae song, love it, great choice of vocals, quite a catchy piece Finn. 🥲😄🎅🏻🍺🍺🍺🍹🍸☕️🎼🎹👍😀🍿

Thank you - i wuld like more vocals, but i only have 3 reggae pools with songs... maby i have to use a lady in my nightborefeeld LOL

Jinty wrote on 11/18/2020, 3:43 PM

Hello Finn,

It is a happy song, you've done a great job,I've enjoyed listening to it!!!!!!!!!!!

All the best,


F.R.H. wrote on 11/18/2020, 4:17 PM

@Jinty thank you.... i´m glad you´ll be happe, so i´m 😀

bikergsx wrote on 11/22/2020, 4:10 PM

Very happy sounding.., good arrangement. Well done my friend. 😊