Katrina- Inside the Hurricane

webguy wrote on 6/14/2008, 4:45 PM
Width: 320
Height: 240
Duration: 01:02
Format: x-ms-asf
In 2005 South Mississippi was hit hard by Hurricane Katrina. Many of us rode out the storm. I shot footage during the hurricane and in 2006 I made a documentary about my experiences during Katrina. This is a promo for the DVD I sell of the storm. The segment of video in this promo was taken when Katrina was passing out of the area. I was surveying the damage to my neighborhood. DVD available here: http://www.lulu.com/content/243628
I survived Katrina. Many didn't. This is my story.
Promo: 30 seconds
Katrina: Inside the Hurricane is the moment by moment experience of one neighborhood during the storm. What begins looking like a typical rainstorm soon grows into a full scale catastrophic hurricane event. You’ll see it from the producers point of view as he rides out the storm. The footage on this disc was taken during Katrina and chronicles the storms passage as it wrecks havoc on a typical southern neighborhood. Shot entirely in Laurel, Mississippi {over 100 miles from the coast.} This program displays the fury of a hurricane and the intensity and destruction of this weather event. You’ll experience the hurricane as it happens! “Other programs will show you the aftermath of Katrina, this program shows you the actual storm, from within it!”