Love Beyond Reason

gospelbj1 wrote on 1/11/2018, 1:40 PM

Hello Community Family,

It's me, Brenda Craven.  Remember me?  It has been a long time since I have been back here and I figured it was time to come back...listen to what my artists are doing here...share some new pieces of mine and catch up with everyone.  With that being said, please be patient with me as I'm sure I have a lot of listening to do...binge listening.  Anyhow, it is good to be back.

True love has no boundaries, no limits, no color.  It sees past masses of insecurity and fault and sees the true beauty sees the very heart.  To exhibit true love, you must be able to "Love Beyond Reason." 


RNG1971 wrote on 1/11/2018, 9:41 PM





Revival wrote on 1/13/2018, 2:23 AM

Welcome back, Branda!

Father_of_Joy wrote on 1/13/2018, 10:00 AM

Hi, Brenda! Nice to see you here again in this community.
Already I wrote on soundcloud: This is an awesome and relaxing tune. 😉

gospelbj1 wrote on 1/13/2018, 11:04 AM

Thank you. So good to hear from you.