The Border Collie

F.R.H. wrote on 4/13/2019, 2:46 AM
Tags: Pop

The Border Collie (c) F.R.H. 2018

Well - the idea was that a text should be made, it is not yet over the staff, there could also have been made a vocal, it is also not over the staff - but the idea fails nothing :)

The idea of ​​the music is aimed at the world's smartest and most loving dog breed.

How the piece of music looks (the picture), in the program Magix Music Maker I make the music with - there are 8 different drums, of which one can just glimpse the bottom which is the final replica, which is in three guitars, one of which is acoustics and the other 2 electric rhythms and lead and there is a piano and a small synthesizer when yes, and then the bass, of which 2 different, each with variation on different times.

Enjoy it or jump over, the choice is always your own 😃