The Earth Day

amenproletar wrote on 4/27/2018, 6:45 AM
The Earth Day
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I am sorry for being off for a long time.. I wrote this for those who don't respect Earth.

If you don't, you'll be called rubbish. Stop being loathsome and ruthless you ignorant cretins. You morons don't understand what responsibility towards a very unique given thing from God is. Only a few of humans really matter, the rest is so much chaff. Has it never occurred to you that this planet is over populated? Humans on it propagate as cancer cells. Few are those who literally deserve their lives here.. the majority is supposed to be disposed of decades ago... Earth is melting as an ice cream does, in your dirty hands. The time elapsed in fixing your mistakes would take centuries if you don't stop being stupid. Giving you another chance? What a waste of our time! It appears like you want to end the world prematurely. If it is your intention, all you deserve is to be buried in the hell fire. It is a merciless way to dispose of such a great place. Earth was once heavenly, before your incoming. You made life so inconvenient. What a pity... Shall this planet forgive you. Shall the world forgive you. Shall God forgive you. But your mistakes could never be forgiven. Your existence is itself the definition of threat. Halt treating earth as if you have an alternative planet to move to... no mater what you do, your insanity can never intertwine with being a blessed human. God had chosen you to save the world, not to corrupt it. Nothing in this universe had your privilege formerly. But it appears like you are losing God's trust. To those who lent a hand in making earth suffer, you are very inferior... you are the slaves of destruction and arrogance. One day, you will pay for that. You will feel an intense regret. You will be agonized. May God safeguard this planet and her protectors.