Trailer for the movie - "That's Dear Ol Mandeville"

themiddleman wrote on 3/4/2012, 10:06 PM
Tags: Short films
Width: 720
Height: 480
Duration: 03:31
Format: mpeg

This is the trailer for the documentary That's Dear Ol' Mandeville; the story about a small town that has grown to become a major bedroom community to New Orleans, Louisiana and a place of refuage after the hurricane Katrina. But, even as it was being formed and now well after that, the home town feel has never really left its people - and many of them have not left either. This enchanting place is not your normal "southern United States of America" type place, nor does it fall into the "cajun" sereotype all too many times connected with Louisiana. It has a charm and a grace that makes it truly endearing to locals and all those that have called it home at one time or another. The complete movie will be released in Mandeville, Louisiana on Memorial Day weekend 2012. Comments welcome!! Enjoy.


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