teroschilo wrote on 6/15/2008, 5:47 AM
siete molto bravi!!!!
muy bonita
Gone69 wrote on 6/15/2008, 2:46 PM
Bravo Jessica

Olé !!!
renacuajo wrote on 6/15/2008, 4:17 PM
A nouveau bravo
Je l, ai passer par la tele (cd) et je l´ai écoutée
Former user wrote on 6/15/2008, 5:20 PM
Bravo à vous trois .....

Sandro_Glavina_LUELO wrote on 6/20/2008, 7:24 PM
el ritmo me gusta mucho!! ciao da sandro
NoTurning wrote on 6/25/2008, 8:41 PM
Fantastic! Justin
Former user wrote on 7/5/2008, 5:42 PM
yuuuuk yukkk
Former user wrote on 7/12/2008, 1:31 PM
Former user wrote on 11/30/2008, 2:14 PM
yeah, I love it...

smartsmurf wrote on 9/13/2009, 4:44 PM
Yesss... I like to be your camel....

Nice performance and you really have a great voice.
But your video should be in the section "Music Videos" I think...

P.S.: camelar...
nihon94 wrote on 8/8/2010, 1:15 AM

Very nice. thank you for sharing.