ballabarr wrote on 10/25/2016, 8:55 PM

Hi my friends ,long time no see
This summer i have bean to hospital more than i have bean out,totaly 2½ month in hospital of nice pamping hehe  i but I'd rather be out This timre i hade fluid in my lung,lot's of it
so i have not forgotting any of you,just havent hade the engagement to do anything but i'm geting back slowly Take care u all
Best reg Bengt

Im from sweden 55 year's young play 4 instruments,(Drums is my main instr) guitarr,keybords,and some bassand im learning to play faceorgan (Harmonica) I make my musc self.I love icehockey and soocer,bean to cooking school,bean a sailor for 10 years,but not anymore hade my last ship 1993 and i miss that job  (cargoship) see the world and get pay'd for it,that's nice

(Pleace wright in english if u can no requirement just a wishes)