Wary Sun

Padgett wrote on 8/24/2011, 6:04 PM
Wary Sun
Camera manufacturer: LG Electronics
Camera model: LG-UN430
Width: 1200
Height: 1600
Creation date: 8/21/2011, 1:39 PM

Great shot of Iowa Sun!  See in the red rays...a face?  


Former user wrote on 8/24/2011, 11:52 PM

A successful photo. I like that.

Regards, Werner

skiron wrote on 8/25/2011, 12:21 AM

Hmmm...  the "Iowa-Sun" is the same which I (could) see here in germany ^^
But it seems, she's doing another job in Iowa than here because the sun is hidden behind a big fat blanket of clouds for days here.

Very nice shot :)

Former user wrote on 8/25/2011, 12:57 AM

Sehr schön !!      5***

falkeItalia wrote on 8/25/2011, 1:52 AM

very good, Susanne

mohnysh wrote on 8/25/2011, 2:05 AM

lorrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrriiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii  what is this i like it i like it so cool and sssssssssssssahhhhhhhhhhhhh

Former user wrote on 8/25/2011, 2:41 AM

It's a really nice shot. Face? With a lot of fantasy.

Greetings Rainer

Njego wrote on 8/25/2011, 2:42 AM

All I can say is, God thank you for letting us every day we see such a beautiful moments !!!!

LG Njego !!!

maxcon62 wrote on 8/25/2011, 3:39 AM

Fantastic !!!



LOOSER wrote on 8/25/2011, 3:49 AM

hi beatiful girl  the picture in the red look like devil?  cool work

Springflower wrote on 8/25/2011, 4:04 AM

I can see it! Nice pic.

Raymanix wrote on 8/25/2011, 5:03 AM

Résultat surprenant...  Attention aux yeux... 

I like it.


papajeff wrote on 8/25/2011, 7:15 AM

Hi Lori, yes i can see a face too...thinking it´s a monkey face....no.....Pink Panther? No! I´m sure, its a Halloween face! Yeah, it´s right!

The Iowa sun shines bright as our Bavarian sun, do you know the Munich Oktoberfest? 180 km near that i´m living, in Passau. A nice city with three rivers, very famous and one of the seven nicest towns of the hole world.....we´re the center of the world...hihi....

By the way, you´d shoot a very emotional picture, i like it!

Greee your country, Jeff


Spartano wrote on 8/25/2011, 11:16 AM

Hello Lady Dream, 'Wow so many comments, a very nice photo to dream, Best wishes your friend Joachim!

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Mein Künstler name ist Spartano 301, meine Freunde nennen mich Joachim, meine Jahrelange Erfahrung in der Musik ist das abmischen ( Mastern ) der Musik.

Mein Musikstill ist sehr breit gefächert, Trance, Dance, Pop, und Rock.

Musik ist für mich ein wichtige Teil meines Lebens, und es macht Spaß immer neue Musiker kennen zu lernen,

lg, von Joachim.


Former user wrote on 8/25/2011, 2:05 PM



Former user wrote on 8/25/2011, 2:24 PM

Wow we like it





Lg.April Fourteen

redisland wrote on 8/26/2011, 3:57 AM

sehr schönes foto

gruss die redis

Former user wrote on 8/26/2011, 6:10 AM

WOW !!!!!!!!!! you are amazing !!!!!!!!! it is a beautiful picture



Jokerface wrote on 8/26/2011, 11:03 AM

Hi Lori,

ein wunderschönes Foto. Auch ich bin immer in der Natur auf der Suche nach solch schönen Motiven. Ich fotografiere auch sehr gern.



Jokerface wrote on 8/26/2011, 11:06 AM

Ich noch einmal. Wenn ich meinen Laptop auf den Kopf stelle und schaue in den roten Lichtkreis, dann kann ich sehr deutlich ein Gesicht oder einen Geist sehen. Das macht mich ein wenig nachdenklich!!!!!

Beste Grüße an Dich,


Former user wrote on 8/26/2011, 12:27 PM

Hey sunny ,

very well!

Former user wrote on 8/27/2011, 1:23 AM

very interesting lens recording....


LG Sigrid

ArtistW wrote on 8/27/2011, 6:42 AM


Beautiful and remarkebly (do you know who's face it is?)

Roj wrote on 8/27/2011, 11:16 AM

Bellissimo scatto, una resa cromatica perfetta. Un risultato sicuramente imprevisto la macchia calda, ma che da allo scatto un effetto di contrasto particolare, molto interessante e curioso.


Guitorb wrote on 8/28/2011, 11:04 AM

very nice!