Witch in bleach part2

Sandro_Glavina_Channel wrote on 3/21/2023, 10:06 AM
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Sandro Glavina: Ideazioni musicali, arrangiamenti, looping, esecuzioni delle parti delle tastiere VST - Prodotto da  L’Uomo e L’Ombra - Distribuito in proprio - Reg.MTKKI15-010522 - Diritti artistici riservati – Creative Commons License: Attribuzione - Non Commerciale – Non opere derivate (CC BY–NC-ND)

Layout, Album Artwork from digital collages and conceptual ideas by Sandro Glavina.

Album available for listening and free download


A witch in bleach, not to be eliminated, but in "bleach" to whiten, to remove any presumed black spots of evil occult witchcraft. Because she is a good witch, proactive, hardworking, creative, dreamer, who talks to the cat, who goes to work every day as a commuter, taking the train, certainly not flying with a broom, who believes a little in luck and in the possibility of improving. In her laboratory she prepares the "traditional potions" which could for example be confectionery, or other handicrafts. On everyday trains (and not just trains) there are thousands of these good witches who diligently and creatively go to work. Evil witches with bad intentions let us leave them elsewhere.

Eine Hexe in Bleichmittel, nicht um sie zu eliminieren, sondern in „Bleichmittel“, um aufzuhellen, um alle vermeintlichen schwarzen Flecken böser okkulter Hexerei zu entfernen. Denn sie ist eine gute Hexe, proaktiv, fleißig, kreativ, Träumerin, die mit der Katze spricht, die jeden Tag als Pendlerin zur Arbeit fährt, die Bahn fährt, schon gar nicht mit dem Besen fliegt, die ein bisschen an Glück und an glaubt die Möglichkeit der Verbesserung. In ihrem Labor bereitet sie die "traditionellen Tränke" zu, die zum Beispiel Süßwaren oder andere Handarbeiten sein können. In alltäglichen Zügen (und nicht nur in Zügen) gibt es Tausende dieser guten Hexen, die fleißig und kreativ ans Werk gehen. Böse Hexen mit bösen Absichten lassen wir sie woanders liegen. (automatische Übersetzung

Sandro Glavina is an italian composer, named L'Uomo e L'Ombra. The choice of the name derives from the title of the album "L'uomo e l'ombra" of the band "Abstract Music Nuova Esistenza", an experimental group founded by Sandro Glavina together with his friends in the mid-70s.

In the period 2009-2022, L'Uomo e L'Ombra has done 84 albums. The compositions of Sandro Glavina are partly influenced by progressive rock. Sandro has developed a personal style with many experimentations and actualizations. He offers music beyond borders by intertwining different styles in crossover with each other. Prog, psychedelia, classical, post-rock, jazz, pop are some of the influences that dissolve in ambient atmospheres, citations of contemporary music and minimalist nuances. Sandro Glavina aka L'Uomo e L'Ombra plays the music using VSTI synthesizers, keyboards and adds some loops. Sandro isn't a professional musician, composes and plays music just for fun, but his works reach a good outcome, pleasant to listen. L'UOMO E L'OMBRA






Kryo wrote on 3/21/2023, 10:40 AM

interesting... well done... pretty nice...


Siggi-M wrote on 3/21/2023, 2:54 PM

Ah, my favorite witch music. Wonderful. 😃👌👏👏👏......


Jochen-S wrote on 3/21/2023, 3:06 PM

Very nice Sandro, and a pleasure to hear 👍👌👍...
Best regards

Vio-Project wrote on 3/21/2023, 4:20 PM

Very relaxed track - from 3:00 it gets dramatic! Top arrangement - very good sound! 👏👏👏👍👍👍👌👌👌

LG by Sylvio 😎

franco-galateo wrote on 3/22/2023, 4:47 AM

un ulteriore traccia di questo splendido album, musica molto leggera e rilassante .. ottimo insieme strumentale .

LUELO non delude mai


Alter-Falter wrote on 3/22/2023, 9:52 AM

... !!!

Spartano wrote on 3/23/2023, 5:38 AM

Sehr schöne Instrumentale Musik mit sehr guten Instrumenten auswahl, sehr Relax , Herzlichen Gruß von Spartano😉👍👏👏👏👏👏

Mein Künstler name ist Spartano 301, meine Freunde nennen mich Joachim, meine Jahrelange Erfahrung in der Musik ist das abmischen ( Mastern ) der Musik.

Mein Musikstill ist sehr breit gefächert, Trance, Dance, Pop, und Rock.

Musik ist für mich ein wichtige Teil meines Lebens, und es macht Spaß immer neue Musiker kennen zu lernen,

lg, von Joachim.


-nafets- wrote on 3/23/2023, 12:25 PM

Very good song ....👍😊

i like it 💜


Pat_02 wrote on 3/24/2023, 8:51 AM

Bella musica e chitarra con ritmo molto buono e suoni ed effetti che mi piacciono. Sempre con il tuo personale tocco Jazzy sperimentale che firma la tua musica lol! e riconoscibile tra miglia.
Bravissimo Sandro.

Beautiful music and guitar with very good rhythm and sounds and effects that I like. Always with your personal experimental Jazzy touch that signs your music lol! and recognizable between miles.
Very good Sandro.

Belle musique et guitare avec une très bonne rythmique et des sonorités et effets que j'aime. Avec toujours ta touche personnelle Jazzy expérimentale qui signe tes musiques lol ! et reconnaissables entre milles.
Très bien Sandro.