Wistmans-Wood wrote on 6/4/2024, 5:31 AM
Tags: Music Maker artist, Other, Alternative

This was very organic as I didn't have any plans of what I wanted to produce and ended up picking random samples and they just, to me anyway, felt and sounded right.

As I was piecing it together it reminded me of some of Frank Zappa's music which, as far as I remember, (it's been a while since I listened to him), was sometimes very random, chaotic and didn't fit into any genre. There's a video of Frank Zappa on an American talk show back in the 60's demonstrating how to play the bicycle.

I hope you enjoy this random piece of music 😀.


franco-galateo wrote on 6/4/2024, 6:55 AM

exellent idea.. good rock sound..very well


Paolo-Brenner wrote on 6/6/2024, 2:12 PM

Interest sound experiment!!