[Archived] 3D projects in Vegas Pro 13 and up



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Starting with version 13, Vegas Pro provides a comprehensive 3D workflow. Vegas Pro not only imports and exports most 3D formats, including Cineform files, but also includes tools for correcting snapshots and misaligned 3D cameras.

To record your own 3D footage, you need to have a 3D camera (or two cameras mounted to the same base) which can record two video streams at the same time (one for the left eye and one for the right).
The two streams can either be saved as two separate files or as a single file.

  • Once you have your 3D footage captured, open Vegas Pro.
  • Go to "File" > "Properties" and open the "Stereoscopic 3D mode" dropdown menu. Select the mode you want to use.
  • Import your left and right video streams onto separate tracks in the timeline.
  • Right-click the image in the video preview window and click "Video Preview Preferences". In the dialog that opens, select a stereoscopic 3D mode, then click "Apply" and "OK". 
  • Click the track containing the first stream. Then, hold down the Ctrl key and click the track containing the second stream to select both streams at the same time.
  • Right-click one of the selected streams and select "Pair as Stereoscopic 3D Subclips" to combine the streams. You should now see the 3D picture in the video preview window and on your external monitor.

3D projects can be exported in the following forms:

  • Rendered as a single 3D video stream, as a side-by-side 3D video or in a range of anaglyph 3D video formats
  • Upload to YouTube 3D
  • Rendered as separate left/right video streams
  • Rendered as a .iso file 
  • Burned to BluRay Disc using VEGAS Pro or DVD Architect Pro