[Archived] Blurring portions of a video



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Sometimes you might need to blur faces, license plates or other objects in your video (e.g. for legal reasons) while leaving the rest of the video picture untouched.
The following short guide will show you how to blur faces (or any object you want):

  1. Import your video onto Track 1.
  2. Right-click Track 1 and select "Duplicate Track" to add a copy of the video to Track 2. Make sure both tracks line up perfectly.
  3. Click the Event FX button on Track 2 and select a Gaussian blur.
  4. Click the Event FX button on Track 1 and select the Cookie Cutter.
  5. Reduce the size of the cookie cutter circle until it's the size of the face you want to blur. Then, open the "Method" dropdown menu and select "Cut away section".
  6. If you need to blur other faces, add additional cookie cutter effects.