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Catooh services shutdown - All FAQs at a glance

What happens to my remaining balance?

For the payout of your remaining credit, please contact us directly at
The payment will take place within 14 days from the reception of your request.

Can I continue using my catooh account on Producer Planet?

No, please create a new account or use a MAGIX account.

What happens to my purchased items? Can I simply download them on Producer Planet?

No, items purchased from Catooh are not marked as purchases on Producer Planet, or are available there as such.
Please backup your Catooh downloads to an external hard drive.

Currently I'm offering content on Catooh. Will it be automatically migrated to Producer Planert and sold there?

No. The Catooh account and the Producer Planet account are two different platforms.

I am a professional content producer and want to offer my content on

Please send us a short application to
We will inform you about the possibilities on in the near future.

I am happy with Catooh, what changes with Producer Planet?

As a customer only the website changes for you.
You don't need an additional account and can simply use an existing MAGIX account or register with MAGIX.
You can continue to look forward to high-quality audio and video content and weekly new offers and promotions.
For changes for sellers, please see the above questions.

What happens with my customer data?

Your customer data will be completely deleted in accordance to the legally prescribed retention periods. 
The data are stored according to the highest security standards.