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The following products are not subject to any restrictions regarding the use of the content:

  1. Video Pro X 
  2. VEGAS Pro 
  3. Samplitude Pro X / Sequoia
  5. XARA Designer Pro X
  6. ACID Pro
  7. VR Studio

For all other MAGIX products, please note the following guidelines:

Can I publish my own work  online?

As long as the audio/video material is not used for commercial purposes, you can upload it to YouTube.

What exactly is meant by "commercial use"?

"Commercial use" is defined as the intention to gain a profit.
This is the case if a video, song or a website is sold, used for advertising purposes (for example, is "monetized" on YouTube or contains commercials) or aims in any other way for financial benefit.  

Where can I get commercial licenses for Soundpools or songs?

Commercial licenses can be found in our 
Online Store for audio & video content UK
Online Store for audio & video content US
When ordering a Soundpool in the Music Maker in-app Store, you will be offered the option to acquire the license.

What if my creative work doesn't contain MAGIX loops, sounds, or songs?

If you've created a song in Music Maker that doesn't contain loops or sound samples  but only selfproduced audio tracks, you wont need any commercial license.
The same applies for videos that have been edited using our software.
If you've simply been using the software as to edit your project, you wont need to purchase any commercial license.

Copyright strike / Content ID claim

To remove a copyright warning on YouTube, please refer to the instructions provided by YouTube: