Copying and pasting an entire page


  • . Xara Designer Pro X
  • . Web Designer


  • . Import & export

Pages can be copied and pasted to other positions in the same document or added to other documents.

When you copy and paste a page, the page's dimensions, layers and other attributes are copied to the Windows clipboard along with all of the objects on the page. The attributes and objects are then inserted (pasted) somewhere else in the same document or in a different document.

  • To copy a page, start by discarding the current selection by pressing the Esc key or clicking on an empty section of the page. You should see "No objects selected" in the status bar.
  • Press Ctrl+C to copy the current page to the clipboard.
  • Now, in the same document or another document, click on the page you want your copied page to come after in the document.
  • Press Ctrl+V to insert the contents of the clipboard as a new page behind the current page in the document. 

If "All pages in website the same size" is enabled for the document you are pasting the page to, the page's dimensions will be replaced by the dimensions of the document when you add it to ensure that every page in the document has the same dimensions.