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Essential know-how for using photo filters

Presets can now be used to apply professional photo effects to images.

The presets are located in the Online Content Catalog, under "Components" > "Image Resources" > "Photo Filter Presets".

Presets can be applied directly to an image from within the catalog by selecting the image and going to "Insert" > "From Content Catalog".

Using presets from the Local Designs gallery

Once you have imported one preset, you then have the option to download all presets to your gallery.

To do this, right-click the folder and go to "Components" > "Images Resources" > "Photo Filter Preset" and select "Download All".

You can now drag and drop presets from the folder onto your images or select a photo and double-click a preset in the gallery to apply it.

Replacing photos and removing presets

To remove a preset from a photo, simply right-click the photo and select "Remove Photo Filter". 

When you replace one photo with another (either by dragging and dropping a new photo from the explorer or right-clicking and selecting "Replace photo") the preset effects from the old photo are automatically applied to the new one.

Filter presets and photo edits

Filter presets modify images by applying the same settings that you see in the Photo tool or Levels tool.